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With over 10,000 restaurants in NYC, we had a goal to not repeat a restaurant for the year and try something new every time we go out. Little did we know, it was one of the most challenging goals we ever attempted. Sometimes you try a new place. It's nothing special or memorable about it, and you move on. On the contrary, there are times when you have the best experience. High quality food. Excellent service. Happy memories. Just everything. That's what happened at 21 Shanghai House. We had the desire to come back and try it again!

A few short months ago, we visited 21SH for the first time, and it left a strong impression on us. But apparently, we left a memorable impression on the owner Kevin, too. He still remembered us and treated us to beer this time! Besides the usual, must-eat soup dumplings, we tried several new dishes as our waiter offered us some good recommendations. Everything was well-made and delicious. If we had to choose, we would unanimously vote for the Wu Xi Ribs as our favorite of the night! 
Steamed Pork & Crab Bun ($6.95) 
The moment I bit into the bun, I had a moment of euphoria. The thickness of the dough to the size of the pork was perfect! The dough was thin enough to soak up some of the juicy soup but thick enough to ensure the safety of the soup. Carry the soup safely from ... The skin never broke on the journey from the basket to the spoon to my mouth. We only got two baskets: one pork and one crab and pork. 
Shredded Beef w/ Hot Pepper ($12.50)
The taste of the beef and veggies was flavorful and consistent throughout the dish while the finely cut ingredients enhanced the experience as every bite was the same as expected. Greatness.
Fish Fillet in Chili Spicy Sauce ($13.50)

Trying this fish for the first time, we were awed by the flavors and happy that we listened to their recommendations! The fillet was light and flaky, which complemented the bold, chili sauce! Very pleasant.

Shanghai Style Pan Fried Noodle ($10.25)
Shanghai style noodles is one of our favorite types of noodles, especially when it's cooked as well as this one! The noodles were not overcooked, which sometimes become too starchy, but was cooked just right allowing the pork flavors and soy sauce soaking into the noodles. Very tasty and rich in flavors! 
Wu Xi Ribs ($18.50)
Favorite dish of the night: Wu Xi ribs!! Unlike the usual grilled or baked ribs, these wu xi ribs were braised! And this different cooking process forever changed my outlook on ribs. The ribs were marinated with their special sauce for hours before they were braised with soy sauce, wine, cinnamon, and other spices until tender and delicious. As we bit into the juicy, tender ribs, the meat literally fell off of the bone and melted into our mouths. It was heavenly. From the delicious taste, we could tell how much time and effort was put into this scrumptious dish.
Rice Ball in Wine Sauce ($2.95)
To end the night with a sweet note, Kevin kindly introduced us to the rice balls with wine sauce, which was semi-sweet with a hint of rice vinegar. Nice balance of sweet and tart.

Hit the Spot: 8.5/10
Place: 21 Shanghai House
Address: 21 Division St., NY, New York 10002, map
Phone: (212) 226-8998
Yelp: here

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