Only Have Fries for You

We thought we were fries fanatics but apparently, many Hong Kongers were just like us! Usually, we try to lean towards the local foods that were distinct to HK, but due to our long stay, there were several occasions, we had to get our cravings fixed. Let's be honest, don't you think that enjoying a few drinks while munching on some hot, crispy fries make your entire drinking experience much better? Well, it totally did for us, and we always looked forward to that order of fries. Whenever we had drinks during happy hour, at a bar, or in a lounge, an order of fries - sooner or later - would end up at our table. 

Here's a few spots that we visited and wanted to share with you all: 

1. McGauchos Bar and Grill in SoHo, Central
Wall Mural + Full Bar
Located in the heart of SoHo, there sits McGauchos Bar and Grill. As we peeked in, the darkly-lit ambiance with unfamiliar wall murals sparked our interest and lured us in for happy hour. We later found out that the theme of the restaurant and murals was Argentinian gauchos. Even though we didn't check out their meat dishes, we loved their fresh, crispy fries paired with their specialty oregano-mayo sauce and their decent selection of Asian, European, and American beers. 
Delicious Fries from McGauchos Bar & Grill
Happy Hour Deals: Beers!

2. Sugar (Bar+Deck+Lounge) in Taikoo Shing
Beautiful View from Sugar Bar+Deck+Lounge
Recommended by our trendy HK friend, we spent our Thursday evening at the "slinky rooftop bar and deck" with a beautifully lit skyline, unique cocktails, and a comfortable lounge. It's not always easy to find a comfortable and spacious lounge with a view as breathtaking as Sugar to chill out with your friends in HK. Even though we personally thought the mixology of the cocktails was average, but the skillfully garnished appearance of the drinks and lovely vibes of the lounge made up for it. 
A girls' night out is not completed without a lovely drink in her hand. 
Also, their fries were DELICIOUS! Never simply paired with ketchup and sprinkled with salt, Sugar's fries were tastefully topped with Cajun spices and grilled Monterey Jack cheese with Kansas City BBQ sauce on the side. It was basically a party in our mouths! 
Cajun Fries & Grilled Monterey Jack Cheese w/ Kansas City BBQ Sauce

3. Playa de Papagayo in Tsim Sha Tsui (TST)
Alongside a handful of foreign bars, Playa de Papagayo stood out with radiance and elegance on Hanoi Road. The bar offered affordable happy hour prices with an extensive selection of cocktails, sangrias, and wines. Not only was the quality of the drinks superb, the service was excellent - the waitress gave us great recommendations on the drinks, which were exactly what we wanted. 
Cheers, love <3
As we submerged in the classy and soothing ambiance, we forgot all our worries and enjoyed the moment. But, of course, the highlight of the evening didn't happen until our fries appeared.  As the fries were freshly made and delivered out, they were crispy on the outside but soft and mushy in the inside, and they were also sprinkled with spicy and fragrant herbal seasonings giving tasty flavors to the simple fried pota
A Bowl of Happiness: Simply Rosemary-Garnished Fries
Playa de Papagayo, Shop 3, Podium Plaza, 5 Hanoi Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong, website

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