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Have you checked out the new World Trade Center PATH station in downtown? My sister and I finally made our way there, and it was unbelievable! I felt like I was filming a scene in some sci-fi futuristic movie. Extremely white. Incredibly clean. Surprisingly refreshing smelling. It was unlike any NYC subway. As we strolled down the transportation center, it didn't even feel like we were in NYC! If you have a chance, you should totally check it out. FYI, you can get into this passageway from the Brookfield Place and (I think) the One World Observatory entrances for free. We took the expensive route and spent a total of $5.50 by entering from the PATH station. Oh man, we could've gotten another basket of soup dumplings at our favorite Shanghai restaurant! 

H&M Sweater, H&M Skirt, H&M Booties, Chanel Sunnies, MICHELE Watch, Tory Burch Bag

It's kind of funny that we didn't even ride the subway. Instead, we had two other goals in mind: 1) Check out the architecture of this place - it was stunning, and 2) Snap some indoor pictures cause it's been very rainy out! Both were accomplished :) 

The weather has been crazy warm and rainy recently even though we're in the midst of December. It's not quite sweater weather yet, but that didn't stop me from wearing my new cozy knit sweater! My warm, fluffy sweater was paired with my button-front, A-line skirt because I love the combination of sweaters with skirts! I think the look is absolutely adorable and pairing the outfit with my black booties give it a fun and flirty vibe. 

Just a note, if you noticed the dark spots on my legs, they're not bruises! They are actually mosquito bite scars from Thailand this summer =( It's been three months, and they're still there. I hope they'll fade away by spring!

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