No Waffles or Pancakes

Little did we know, we came here (to Okonomi) in a heartbeat upon seeing an Instagram pic!! Well, not exactly, but this was the first restaurant we visited as we made our way into Brooklyn! The little, cozy Japanese place holds two roles: a traditional Japanese set breakfast/lunch spot in the morning & afternoon and ramen shop in the evening. We came here for brunch, but don't expect anything like waffles or pancakes...

As we were seated at the bar, we asked for the menu (since nothing was handed to us). In return, the lady responded, "We don't have a menu. There's only one item." We were silent yet we were really amazed screaming with happiness in the inside! A moment of shock yet surprise. A part of us was like what? One item?! Another part was like oh yess!! This is so Japan. It's rare to find a spot like this that only serves one or even a few items in NYC! 

The Traditional Japanese Set with an Onsen Egg ($19)
A Closer Look
Since only a Japanese set breakfast was offered, of course, we got that! In our set, a local fish of the day was served with two side vegetables, an omelette cube, a miso soup, and a bowl of rice with kombu for $17. An additional onsen egg ($2) and uni ($7) could be served with the meal too. Along with the set items, three fresh local fish were available, and we got one porgy and another bluefish.
Roasted Porgy
Fresh, sweet and tasty! Surprisingly, it was our first time trying porgy, and the fish was deliciously roasted with great care and flavors leaving us a wonderful first impression on this fish. The only thing was that porgy is a rather small fish, so finding numerous small bones throughout the piece was inevitable.
White Rice Topped with Kombu
Many people tend to overlook their bowl of rice, because rice is always there as a complimentary item. It may look plain and simple, but finding a bowl of well-cooked rice is actually quite difficult. When you encounter some good rice, you know you will have an impeccable meal because it shows how much the chef cares about the small details and the basic foundation!
An Add-On: Onsen Egg & Uni (+$9)
You don't egg and uni alone. You pour it into the bowl of soft and chewy rice and mix them! It was heavenly! My mouth was bursting with all sorts of flavors and textures. I loved the feeling of smooth, silky egg yolk mingling with the rich, creamy uni and the warm, fragrant rice. It was AMAZING!
A bite into the bluefish made me finish the entirety soundlessly! I was expecting it to be good, but when it's even better than imagined, it was gone in no time. Not a regular bluefish eater, I heard that the fish tend to have a stronger, fishy taste (even when made fresh), but it was surprisingly mild tasting with a flaky meat kind of similar to a sea bass. The piece was simply seasoned with a sprinkle of salt but expertly roasted, which left me in a wondrous mood.

Needless to say, the side vegetables and omelette cube were very delicious. The omelette was my favorite side, smooth and creamy with a hint of sweetness.

A Cozy Corner of the Shop
Love it! We love this spot. This is one of those places that you always wanted to go but never had the chance, and once you made a visit, you ask yourself, "Why did I not come here earlier?" Okonomi is an eating experience that you would want to have: delicious & novel set of food, affordable prices, friendly staff, cozy environment (w/ only 12 seats), and wonderful memories!

We can't wait to come back, eat their breakfast set again, and try their evening ramen! 

Hit the Spot: 9/10
Address: 150 Ainslie Street (in Williamsburg)
Brooklyn, NY 11211, map

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