Keepin' Breakfast Simple

A commonly eaten breakfast item in Hong Kong is congee. For those who don't know what congee is, it is simply rice porridge. In most Chinese restaurants, you can find that congee is served, but we decided to go local and stepped foot into the congee shop 永明粥店, where you see all kinds of people. Well-dressed men who are about to go to work. Elderly couples who look like regulars. Local workers who seem to work around the area. Typically, the customers share a table with strangers due to the limited space. Also, it's common to see customers eating alone because it's a quick breakfast. You sit and go. Luckily, when we visited, the shop wasn't too busy, so we had our own table and snapped away without worrying about disturbing others. 
Our traditional Chinese breakfast
Looking at the appearance of the shop, it has been around for quite some years with its close-knit layout of the tables, open kitchen to the customers, and hung up menus on the wall. I would describe it as a unique, Hong Kong-style hole in the wall type of shop that focuses on congee and other HK breakfast food. It offers a diverse selection of congees, freshly-made chee cheong funs (rice noodle rolls), noodles and more!
Entrance of the Congee Shop
Starting our meal, we each ordered a bowl on congee. Flora decided to try something new and chose the fish congee while I stuck to my usual favorite, HK-style congee, which included ingredients like squid, pig skin, and minced beef. They were both very fresh and delicious!! Usually, the owners wake up at the crack of dawn to start cooking the congee, so the rice is boiled in water until it disintegrates and become thick and consistent making the most perfect and tasty congee. Even though it sounds simple, cooking it to the perfect consistency and fragrant taste is not so easy! Adding other ingredients like fish and meats bring out their flavors and spice up the overall bowl of congee.
Fish Congee (~$2 USD)
Hong Kong-Style Congee (~$2 USD)
Besides congee, we also ordered several other dishes, such as our favorite youtiao (Chinese fried dough). It was made in perfection! Some people like it cut into small pieces and mixed in with the congee to add more textures, but we like to dip it into the congee and bite into it. Mmh, the bite of youtiao covered with congee was very crispy on the outside and fluffy in the inside. Very delicious! 
Youtiao (Chinese Fried Dough) (~$1 USD)
Chee Cheong Fun (Rice Noodle Rolls) (~$1 USD)
These rice noodle rolls are made fresh on the spot! Some have fillings of shrimp, some beef, some pork. Simple was the theme, and we chose dried shrimp with scallions. Because the noodle rolls were made simple, we drenched them in lots of sauces! Soy sauce. Peanut sauce. Hoisin (sweet sauce). Sesame seeds. And more! A beautiful masterpiece was then created.
Rice Noodle Rolls Drenched in Delicious Sauces
Stir-fry Soy Sauce Noodle (~$2 USD)
A dish that we cannot miss is the soy sauce noodle. It's another simply made and garnished dish as the noodles are stir-fried with basic ingredients, such as soy sauce, salt, and veggies. When a lot of simple dishes come together, it is no longer simple and becomes an extravagant meal! The ingredients were basic, but the quality was surprisingly good since most of the dishes were cooked fresh in the morning or even on the spot! A meal of fresh food and affordable prices (less than $10 USD) was a wonderful way to start the morning.
Soy Milk (~$1 USD)
BTW, don't forget to try their soy milk! Freshly-made, semi-sweet, and soy-bean fragrant!

Hit the Spot: 7.5/10
Place: 永明粥店 (no English name)
AddressG/F, 18A, United Bldg, 1-7 Wu Kwong Street, Hung Hom, Hong Kong, map
Phone: +852-2356-7878
Openrice: here

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