Hong Kong's Tea Time

Ever since our first vacation to Hong Kong, we wanted to try Lei Garden's dim sum, but due to our packed schedule, we couldn't make it! This time around, we were determined to cross it off our To-Eat List. Sometimes traveling to an unknown city can take a lot of time trying to navigate and get ourselves to the designated location. On a lazy day like today, we hopped into a taxi and cruised over to Lei Garden. Here marks the beginning of our friendship with Lei Garden in Causeway Bay.

From the service to the food to the ambiance, Lei Garden left a very strong impression in us. We were sure that this visit may be our first but certainly was not our last. The overall quality of the dim sum in Hong Kong could not be compared to the ones in New York City's Chinatown because the ingredients in HK were always fresh. Many times, they used local produce or made them from scratch early in the morning. Our favorite three dishes were the pan-fried turnip cakes, shrimp rice noodle rolls, and deep-fried taro dumplings! The turnip cakes were rich in turnip flavors and generously mixed in with ingredients, such as dried shrimp and sausage. Pairing it with their XO sauce definitely shed light to the entire dining experience. Another favorite was easily the shrimp rice noodle rolls. Without a doubt, the fresh, bouncy shrimp made a great difference on the taste of the roll, but the thickness of the noodle roll was perfectly balanced and proportional to the shrimp fillings. In each bite, the tasty shrimps mingled harmoniously with the chewy rice noodles creating a very unique texture and taste. You could make anything fried taste good, but the deep-fried taro dumplings were simply scrumptious! From the semi-flaky, semi-crispy outer layer to the warm, meaty gooey inside, it urged me to annihilate the small dumpling in two large bites and filled me with utter satisfaction.

Simply looking at the dim sum made our mouths water! A bite into any one led me to another bite, and we soon cleared all the plates.  Before they all disappeared, please check out our photoshoot with these little dim sum! 

Pan-Fried Turnip Cakes w/ Homemade XO Sauce ($34 HKD)
Deep Fried Taro Dumpling ($38 HKD)
Shrimp Wontons ($38 HKD)
Steamed Custard-Stuffed Buns ($36 HKD)
Oozing Custard
Fried Pork Dumplings ($36 HKD)
Inside of the Fried Pork Dumpling
Scallion Rice Noodle Rolls Sprinkled w/ Sesame Seeds ($38 HKD)
Scallion Rice Noodle Dumplings
Shrimp Rice Noodle Rolls ($46 HKD)
Place: Lei Garden
Address10/F, Times Square,1 Matheson Street, Causeway Bay, map
Phone: +852-2506-3828
Openrice: here

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