Dyker Heights, Brooklyn

Happy Friday everyone! Well, I'm extremely happy to start my weekend. This week has been one of the busiest weeks for me. Still suffering from jet lag, I went straight to work the next day after I landed on Sunday night from Hong Kong. From the lack of sleep, keeping up with my studies and work has caused me a cold, but this won't stop me from going out and experiencing new restaurants. For the past two weeks in Hong Kong, I enjoyed many delicious Cantonese, Japanese, Thai and French delicacies, but on my flight back, I had a chance to catch up to my Korean drama series "Let's Eat," which made me realized how much I really crave Korean food. I can't wait to hit up K-town tonight and have some Korean bbq, kimchi stew, and bibimbap. 

Are there any restaurants you have been craving for? I hope everyone will have a delightful and relaxing weekend :) Also remember to bundle up, the weather is cooling down!

Bag: Balenciaga
Accessories: David Yurman bangle, Michele watch

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