Venetian Vibes

A mini flight of stairs led us down to the welcoming entrance of All'onda. Through the glass door, we were presented with a dimly lit, rustic-industrial ambiance with brick walls, wine shelves, and such letting off a modern Venetian vibe. 
Fluke - $16
Full Bar at the Front Entrance
Italian food is one of our secret weaknesses. Besides french fries, we have a weak spot for Italian food because they never seem to disappoint us. We remember that when we went to Prague and Munich, we didn't always enjoy their local cuisines and would opt for Italian instead! Hearing that the notable Chef Jaeckle who has a wide range of experiences working at Eleven Madison Park, Morimoto, and Ai Fiore is now in All'onda, we were nothing but ecstatic to enjoy our Tuesday night dinner here.
White wine is a MUST!
Stracciatella (Daily Specials)
The fluke and the stracciatella marked the start of our meal. A garnish of sweet beets, trout roes and crispy farros layered on top of the thinly-cut slices of fresh fluke offered exotic flavors and complex textures to the overall dish. The stracciatella was a soft, milky cheese with a rich hint of buffalo milk. Every bite of the cheese paired with grilled sourdough and a side of salsa verde and peaches was not only satisfactory but also very fulfilling making every bite more delightful.
Bucatini - $32
Moving on to our main courses, the uni pasta was satisfactory on its flavors and ingredients. Very rich, obvious chunks of uni mingled with the pasta, but the sauce was too creamy and rather heavy for our liking. 
Pollo Al Limone - $25
Usually, we don't order roasted chicken, but we did because we weren't feeling more carbs or fish. It was surprisingly cooked very well. Every bite was tender and infused with fragrant spices and lemon juice. The skin was definitely the best part - love the crispiness! 
Wrapping up the night comes our favorite part: desserts. The tiramisu layered with espresso-infused lady fingers and fluffy mousse offered a lovely sensation, but the espresso was rather light and subtle. 
Bellini Sundae
The Bellini sundae consisting of Procecco sorbet topped with fresh peaches was sweet yet tangy in taste but the textures threw me off. I was expecting the sorbet to be firmer, but it was rather soft like pudding. 

Overall, the dinner was lovely. Most of the dishes were excellent. 
Beautiful ambiance. Impeccable service. And delightful food.

Hit the Spot: 7.5/10
Address22 E 13th St, New YorkNY 10003, map
Phone: (212) 231-2236 Website:

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