Juicy Buns of Happiness

During our summer Hong Kong trip, I was able to swing by Taipei and Kaohsiung, Taiwan for a couple days to visit my friends. One of my goals was to revisit the delicious and famous xiao long bao chain Din Tai Fung since it is originated in Taipei, but due to my limited days in Taiwan, I decided to skip out on revisiting Din Tai Fung and focused on the local cuisines, night markets, and tourist attractions! Luckily, there are four Din Tai Fungs in HK, and two are awarded with one Michelin star!
Bite me! -Classic Pork Xiao Long Bao
My motivation for coming to DTF is for one thing and one thing only: the xiao long baos. Of course, an order of the pork xiao long bao as well as the crab meat xiao long bao were must-haves! I love these baos! The dough was very thin and absorbed all the juicy meaty flavors, but somehow, it never broke or popped before I bit into it! A bite into the intricately wrapped, small bao brought me up to cloud nine! The meat was very juicy, fresh, and flavorful while the dough was thin and silky. Also, they purposely came in small batches to maintain its freshness. 
Crab Xiao Long Baos
Personally, I liked the crab baos more than the classic pork because the fragrant of the crab added a nice kick to the overall taste of the baos, but both of the baos were very savory and satisfying. I can't believe I had to share these baos with my friend!
Drunken Chicken
Besides the xiao long baos, my friend wanted to eat chicken, so we picked the restaurant's favorite: drunken chicken! Without a doubt, this was a great choice. Eating chicken in HK never seemed to disappoint me because their chicken are always fresh. The smooth, tender chicken was marinated with wine and served cold to our table. The fragrant of the wine and the sweetness of the chicken balanced perfectly with just enough wine to enhance the flavors of the chicken without overshadowing it.
Dandan Noodles (Taiwanese-style)
Even though dandan noodles is quite a common dish, this is surprisingly my first time trying it. We enjoyed the handmade noodles with a bouncy and consistent texture throughout the dish. The crushed peanuts topping the plain noodles complemented the flavors of the peanut butter and sesame sauce and added more textures to the noodles. The dandan noodles looked simple, but the taste and texture of the noodles were multidimensional with various spices and sauces coming together. Soon, the noodles were finished without a trace.

Despite of the long Friday night wait (of about 30 minutes to an hour), the dining experience was excellent and affordable (for a Michelin star restaurant). The service was so amazing that my memories are still vivid in my mind. As we followed the server to our table, we were greeted by every server on the way. We felt extremely welcomed like we belong. Needless to say, the food was fulfilling. The xiao long baos were delicious and so were the other two dishes. 
Din Tai Fung
Address: Shop 306, 3/F, Silvercord, 30 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui 
尖沙咀廣東道30號新港中心3樓306舖, map
Phone: +862 2730 6928
Website: http://dintaifungusa.com Openrice: click here

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