Friday Night Tapas

Spending Friday night with a few girls, sangria, and Spanish tapas completed our week! Don't you love relaxing on Friday night over a few glasses of sangria and catching up with your friends on the latest trends, news, and gossips! That's how we spent ours at Barraca this week! As we walked into the corner restaurant, the night has fallen allowing the fairy lights and candle lights to become more prominent and noticeable, which created a very romantic and sensual vibe. Upon sitting down, we were presented with the drinks menu, which made the night interesting. Barraca offers a variety of 8 sangrias for us to choose (and of course, wine and cocktails), but they all sounded very delicious. After a session of struggling to come to the final pick, we gave up and asked our knowledgeable waiter for help. Luckily, he was able to give us helpful advice, and the final pick was the sweet yet crisp Valencia sangria!
When sharing food, we love to have a variety of food, and as foodies, there are no food that we don't like (to try)! The four tapas we selected include the following:
  • Croquetas de Jamon (jamon croquettes): Biting into the light crispy outer layer of the croquette allowed the warm, mushy jamon fillings to ooze out filling my mouth with a very pleasant and satisfying sensation. Without a doubt, this was one of the most memorable tapas of the night!
  • Costillas de Cordero (lamb ribs): Misreading the menu thinking that this was lamb chops instead of lamb ribs, I was surprised to see the amount of bones! The ribs were mediocre. The ribs weren't very flavorful and a little too fatty for my liking.
  •  Pulpo a la Plancha (grilled octopus): Delicious as always! Whenever we see grilled octopus on the menu, it will always end up at our table. The octopus was flavorful and generously seasoned with spices and peppers! The tender meat was spicy, charcoal-fragrant, and juicy. It was literally gone within minutes!
  • Manchego (sheep's milk cheese): We weren't planning to order this dish, but as the waiter strolled by with this dish, we got lured in by its colorful and diverse appearance and ordered one as well! The combination of the juicy grapes, roasted almonds, creamy cheese, and fresh bread was like a party - each offering a different texture in our mouths.

Our meal would not be complete without a dessert or something sweet, so an order of churros and chocolate was ordered! The chocolate was heavenly! Rich, creamy, and fragrant! However, the churros were a little disappointing. The churros were too crunchy on the outside while the inside was too mushy as if it wasn't cooked well.
Despite of the mixed reviews on the tapas and desserts, we had a very delightful evening because the ambiance was nothing but relaxing and romantic! Automatic mood boosters! Also, we heard great things about the paellas, so we can't wait to revisit Barraca and try them! And of course, try another one of their sangrias! 

Hit the Spot: 7/10
81 Greenwich Ave.
New York, NY 10014, map
Phone: (212) 462-008

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