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Roast goose restaurants in Hong Kong are like a dime a dozen! Literally every street has a few roast goose restaurants! Choosing one for dinner was not an easy task, but luckily Lady Iron Chef from Singapore happened to be visiting Hong Kong while we were there! Upon seeing his instagram picture, we decided to visit this one Michelin star restaurant Kam's Roast Goose! 

First thing's first. Coming to Kam's roast goose, of course we had to order the famous roast goose! We only ordered a half portion because we wanted to make room for other recommended dishes, such as the roast pork and charsiu (Chinese BBQ pork). Squeezing in a plate of Chinese broccoli was a must too! There's a reason why you always see those big parties of Chinese families - we love ordering a lot of food and sharing, but when there are only 2-3 of us, it's quite difficult to order a lot.

Look at the glossy, crispy skin! Mmm, the skin was roasted til it was slightly crispy with the right amount of time and heat, which gives it an additional fluffy texture. The goose meat tasted fresh and sweet with soft and tender texture. Between the juicy meat and the crispy skin, there lies a very thin layer of fat giving the goose more textures and flavors without off-balancing the piece. Even though the goose was lean and did not have extra fat, it generally tends to be on the fatty side, so pairing the roast goose with their semi-sweet and semi tangy plum sauce was a perfect match. The tangy nature of the plum sauce balanced out the fatty side of the goose, making it less heavy, and further brought out the sweetness in the goose meat.
The luscious green Chinese broccoli was very fresh and young! We love Chinese broccoli because of its textures! It's very common to only experience one type of textures while eating veggies, but with this broccoli, it has a long stem and a leafy head. The stem was crunchy while the leafy was soft and flavorful - it absorbed all the tasty oyster sauce.
Half fat-half skinny charsiu is the best you can get because the meat is the most juicy and tender, but if you prefer leaner meat, get the pork shoulder area. Unlike the other two meats, charsiu does not have a very dynamic texture, but the flavors make it memorable. After marinating it in honey, five spice powder, dark soy sauce, hoisin sauce, and probably red food coloring (or the likes), the piece of charsiu is then cooked in an oven with high temperatures allowing the flavors to farther sink into the meat and creating that BBQ-grill taste.
Crispy skin. Juicy meat. The roast pork was impeccable! Not only was the skin crispy, the proportion of the meat to skin was perfect. Just the right amount of crispiness to tenderness. We greatly enjoyed it plain but dipping it in hoisin sauce made the dish even tastier!
The restaurant does not only offer delicious food but also impeccable service! It's not uncommon to wait for about 30 minutes since the restaurant only sits about 30-50 people. Despite of the moderate space, the Chinese family-style decor and lighting in the restaurant gives you a sense of home and coziness. 
Kam's Roast Goose
Address: G/F, Po Wah Commercial Center, 226 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai, map

Phone: +852-5408-7740, Openrice: link

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