Casual Stroll on the High Line

Hello, I'm back from Hong Kong! Just in time to greet the beginning of September. First of all, I’m sorry for the infrequent posting for the past two months. As many of you know, I was working and traveling in Asia (Hong Kong) for most of my summer. I am so happy to be back in NYC where my heart is truly at. I miss all the wonderful and delicious French and Italian restaurants, exciting concerts in Central Park, and the relaxing vibe compared to Hong Kong.

I absolutely love these shorts. They have the perfect amount of rips on them. You can totally dress them up or down. I bought them in Zara while I was in Hong Kong. Whenever I want to have an effortless look, I will put them on. I paired it with my blue striped blouse, and since my outfit is quite subdue, I added my black lace up heels to spice it up.

I haven’t seen my sister in a few weeks, which is absolutely insane because we are usually inseparable, so we met up at the High Line to drink coffee and catch up on our summers.
So what do you guys enjoy doing on a casual afternoon? Thank you so much for reading. See you on the next post! :)
Bag: Chanel 
Shoes: Black lace up heels from Topshop (old)


  1. You look great in your Zara outfit can I fw to Señor Ortega?

  2. so pretty :))

    new post

  3. You have gorgeous legs! ❤️❤️❤️


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