Brooklyn Bound

Happy August! How did you spend your week of summer? We rarely hit up Brooklyn, but we've been dying to come over and check out some of their trendy cafes, famous donut shops, and unique restaurants. We decided to come by this weekend to fill our tummies with some good eats, snap some pictures with these beautifully-colored-brick-walls, and visit our aunties!

If you haven't noticed, my wardrobe consists of 99% solid colors because I love color blocking, and I love how solid colors are simple yet bold that they give me room to accessorize my outfits. I can wear a statement necklace to make it look fun and fancy or a line necklace for a more gentle and elegant image. But recently, I've been very into patterns and stripes because they add so much character and attitude to the overall outfit without much effort. 

Before the weather completely transitioned, I wore my floral summer dress with my favorite white sneakers from Topshop! It's the perfect look for a casual weekend. For the bag, I chose my new cross-body bag (Golden City Mini Balenciaga) because I don't like to carry big bags or totes - they are just to heavy for me...unless I'm going to class when I have to bring my books. I love its small size and versatile character! It's big enough to carry all my essentials and a little more but small enough to limit those unnecessary things that I think I need (but really, I don't!). 

What's a place that you've been dying to explore but haven't gotten a chance?

Check out my next post to see where we went for brunch!

Thanks for reading! Have a nice day =)

Dress: American Eagle
Watch: Michael Kors (as usual)


  1. Fiona! You look Great. The colors & floral pattern stand out very well against the solid bold color of the wall.
    Very Tempting!

    1. Thank you! Brooklyn is such a nice area with lots of beautiful and interesting wall art! If you ever get a chance, you should go and check it out! =)

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