A Little Lavender

Happy Tuesday! Welcome back to reality...How was your Labor Day Weekend? 
Mine was very fun and chill! Sunbathing at the Jersey shore, partying it up, and relaxing my mind and body (doing hot yoga). More pictures from this weekend will be coming up soon!
Before grabbing dinner with my sister in Meatpacking, we decided to take a casual walk by the pier to enjoy the last bits of the beautiful summer weather and the light breeze. But it got quite breezy that I had to gather my hair up into a bun!

 I'm gonna miss wearing crop tops and skirts! I love the flowy skater skirts - it adds so much energy and personality to any simple tops making the outfit more fun and cute! Also, adding a pop of color to my white top makes it more sassy and classy.  Love it! What are you going to miss most?
Ohh, it's getting dark...

...Time to get dinner!
Top: Garage
Skirt: Tobi
Shoes: Zara
Sunglasses: Chanel
Watch: Michael Kors
Rings: Charlotte Russe

Hope you had a wonderful day! Thank you for reading! =)


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