Thailand Vibes

Entrance of Asador BBQ
Upon settling into Lamai Beach, Koh Samui, we took a relaxing nap at our resort until our friend arrived at our hotel door. Soon, we strolled down the main street to pick a restaurant and feed our tummies. Being in the center of the touristy area among countless resorts, bars, and restaurants, it's not easy to find an authentic Thai restaurant, but we managed to seek out a nice and friendly restaurant Asador BBQ farther down the street.

Chang Beers - Cheers to arriving to Koh Samui!
Koh Samui and Hong Kong had completely different vibes, and we gave ourselves a lot of credits for making it here and adjusting to the new environment so quickly. We began our first Thai meal with a toast of Chang beers.
Green Papaya Salad
During our flight here, we read an article in the travel mag saying that green papaya salad is a MUST- GET in Thailand, so we tried it out. The salad insisting of green papaya, carrots, bean sprouts, tomatoes, and crushed peanuts was indeed very refreshing and perfect for the humid summer weather, but the veggies were not particularly appealing to our taste buds. (We'll give it a try this time but probably not order it again.)
Chicken Pad Thai
Over the past years, Thai food have become more and more popular in NYC, so we were extremely thrilled to try out the chicken pad thai in Thailand. We wanted to eat pad thai on the streets since they are commonly found in the local night markets, but apparently, the night markets were only open on the weekends. (Guess, we have to wait a few days.) Nonetheless, the pad thai was cooked very well with great flavors and tender chicken!
Fried Shrimps
According to several travel vlogs, we noticed that many people come to Thailand to eat fried seafood, such as prawns, fish, and shrimps. We definitely made sure to have a good amount of that in our diet this week! We ordered the deep fried shrimps and fried fish with sweet and spicy sauce. The flavors of the shrimps were savory and delicious, but the shrimps were overcooked making the meat a little chewy.

Fish with Sweet and Spicy Sauce
The fish, on the other hand, definitely hit the spot! The skin was crispy while the meat was soft and smooth.Sweetness and spiciness were a good mix making my mouth feel like a party!
Our first Thai meal

After Dinner Walk
Afterwards, we took a leisure walk down the street and found out that around 11pm most restaurants and stores, besides the bars, are closed, which explains the quiet street of the picture above.

More Fried Fish at the Night Plaza
Since there was the Lamai Night Plaza across from our resort, we swung in to check it out and found more fried fish and many other street snacks! We would've tried a few items, but we were already too full. It was a lovely first night in Koh Samui!
Lamai Night Plaza

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