Tandoori Nights

It's Flora's first time eating Indian food! And that happened in Thailand!
Chicken Tikka Masala - 190 Baht
Due to the lack of research and jet lagged status, we did not know where to eat but those same few westernized Thai dishes over and over again! Those dishes were still very tasty, but we knew there must be a lot more to Thai cuisine that we have yet to try. That didn't mean that we wanted to go out of our ways and explore. Don't get us wrong! We LOVE adventures, explorations, and ambiguities! However, at times, we do want to stay by the resort, be in our comfort zone, and relax! 

A few stores down the main street was this Indian restaurant Tandoori Nights! Still on the main street. But at least, it's something new!
Chips + Cilantro Mint and Tamarind Chutneys
Instead of bread and olive oil that you would usually get as complimentary items in Italian restaurants, we got chips and chutneys in this Indian restaurant! Both of the cilantro mint and tamarind chutneys were very flavorful and turned on our hunger switch!
Vegetable Samosas - 80 Baht
Fillings of the Vegetable Samosas: Potatoes and Green Peas
Hot and spicy. 
Warm and mushy in the inside. 
Fluffy and crunchy on the outside. 

A samosa may seem like a simple deep-fried puff pastry filled with potatoes and green peas, but it is not so simple in flavors and textures. Also, dipping the samosa into the mint chutney made the flavors even better and more dynamic!
Aloo Tikki - 100 Baht
Aloo Tikki paired with the Sweet Tamarind Chutney
Another snack we decided to try was the aloo tikki, which consisted of potatoes, onions, and other spices! Not as good as the samosas but still very satisfying! We dipped it in the sweet tamarind chutney, and it was awesome! Sweet and savory!
Pilaf Rice - 40 Baht
Garlic Naan - 60 Baht
Naan Dipped in the Chicken Tikka Masala Sauce

No matter what you get at any Indian restaurants, make sure to get an order of rice and naan because you need them. You eat them with all of your dishes! A spoonful of rice soaked in the chicken tikka masala along with a piece of chicken was heavenly! It immediately made me want to take another bite and try the fluffy, garlicky naan with masala sauce. So tasty!

 But after a while it got quite spicy! That spiciness built up in my mouth and hindered my ability to continue the munching! No worries! Drink a beer, smoothie, or fresh fruit juice like me to quench my thirst and wash away that lingering spiciness in your mouth.
Lychee Juice - 70 Baht
Along with the delicious lunch, the service was excellent! The main reason that attracted us in here was the friendly, smiling host who welcomed us at the door. Throughout our dining, the servers constantly checked on us and made sure everything was satisfactory. 

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