Lunch by the Sea

Shrimp Tom Yum Soup - 160 Baht
Tasty seafood. Beautiful sea view. Gentle sea breeze. What else can you ask for?
View from our table
After a crazy night at the Half Moon Festival, all we needed was a day of relaxation by the beach! And, of course, good food. Very luckily, we stumbled upon this Fisherman's Restaurant & Bar, and it was exactly what we were looking for! The ambiance was welcoming, comforting and relaxing. The moment we encountered the entrance, we got good vibes! Man, it's all about that first impression.
Happy Seafood Lunch!
Our delicious lunch consisted of the shrimp tom yum soup, two dishes - king prawns and local mussels -  and a side of jasmine rice. The soup was perfect! The balance between the spicy and tangy flavors was on point! After a sip of the soup, I felt enlightened. No jokes.

Having tom yum soup and similar tasting noodle soups at Thai and Malaysian restaurants in NYC, I never understood why people enjoyed these flavors. This is not like Chinese hot and sour soup. The spicy and sour flavors are both very strong and bold. They are like in a heated battlefield - both struggling to take the red flag, but guess what, neither is planning to cave in one bit. On top of that, there's usually that pungent fishy smell filling your nostrils leaving you a little overwhelmed with all these distinct flavors attacking your senses. But after this time, I understood.

Back to this tom yum soup, it was simply satisfying. All the flavors and ingredients - lemongrass, crushed chili peppers, fish sauce, lime, and a few others - were in harmony. The soup was spicy and flavorful but not too overpowering leaving room for the lemongrass and lime. Another aspect that I never took note of was the weather conditions. Being in extremely hot and humid weather, a sip of the soup leaves your mouth with delicious flavors while it fills your body with a refreshing sensation.
King Prawns with Red Curry - 350 Baht
Meaty and bouncy. The king prawns were also tasty, especially since the ingredients were very fresh,  but surprisingly, the red curry sauce was a little bit tangy, which is not my favorite.
Local Mussels with Garlic, Tomatoes, Tamarind, and Mild Curry Powder - 250 Baht
Every bite into the local mussels offered a sense of pure sweetness. The meat was fluffy and fresh as it was glazed in a light and refreshing sauce! This bowl of mussels definitely made the dining experience even more enjoyable.
Sweetness in every bite!

We can stay here all day long!
That day's lunch by the sea was nothing but pleasant! The tasty food, gorgeous atmosphere, and caring service were all we wanted and needed to recover our bodies and state of minds. Everything was wonderful.


Fisherman's Restaurant & Bar in Koh Phangan, Thailand
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