Eating Every Moment in Hong Kong

Traditional Hong Kong-Styled Milk Tea -$14 (HKD)
You can't start a Hong Kong trip without a cup of silky and creamy, traditional Hong Kong-styled milk tea! As we settled down, we decided to start our morning at Tsui Wah, which is a modern cha chan tang franchise.

Crispy Bun Served w/ Sweet Condensed Milk - $12 (HKD) in the morning hours
Besides their famous milk tea, their crispy bun with sweet condensed milk is also very popular and delicious. It may look like a simple toasted bun, but the bun is very well-made with a crispy outer crunch and a soft, fluffy bite. Together, the lightly salted, melted butter and generously drizzled, condensed milk create a heavenly sensation as they playfully mingle in my mouth.
Pineapple Bun with Iced Butter - $9 (HKD)
Pineapple buns are famous in Hong Kong. Though this one may not be among Tsui Wah's most favorite items, we ordered one to help ease our nostalgia, but the bun was actually okay. We thought the butter would be melted, which would've been very tasty with the warm melted butter seeping into the bun moistening and enhancing the flavors of the bread, but we misread the item and ordered it with iced butter. Whoops!

Fish Balls and Fish Cakes with Vermicelli Noodles in Fish Soup - $26 (HKD)
Another favorite and must-eat dish is the fish balls and cakes with vermicelli noodles in fish soup! The spoonful of the soup immediately awakened our taste buds and warmed up our souls! The fish balls and cakes were freshly made, hence the fish meat are very bouncy and flavorful.

Pho with Meat Combo (from the Premium Lunch Set - $98 HKD)
Moving onto lunch, we stuck with the noodle soup theme at Pho Hoi An eating pho with brisket and several other Vietnamese dishes! Commonly seen among Hong Kong culture, we both ordered a set lunch, which was a bargain because each set included a main entree, an appetizer, a seasonal dessert, and drink for about ~$70-100 (HKD). It was a fun lunch to try all these different Vietnamese foods.
Fresh chopped peppers, mint, and lettuce for the pho
Instead of hot sriracha sauce, they gave us fresh-cut hot peppers! It was very spicy, and I definitely felt the kick! 
Beer and Bubbles
Beer makes every meal more enjoyable, so why not grab a beer! Plus, there are many beer names that we have never seen before! Let's see how many we can try in the next few weeks!
Fresh Mint Leaves with Lime and 7 Up

7 Up soda, you look beautifully garnished with mint and lime! So refreshing!
Hoi An Appetizer Platter (from the Premium Lunch Set)
When you're not sure what you're in a mood for, just get a platter with a little of everything! It was fun and interesting to have a bite of every piece. I loved the tasted of the butter chicken wing the most.
Vegetable Curry (from Set Menu C - $72 HKD)
Yes, we are going to Thailand tomorrow, but...we couldn't wait and ordered a Viet-styled vegetable curry with rice and a fried egg, which did not disappoint us! A bite into the rice soaked curry gave me an urge to take another bite because the spicy and flavorful taste was ON POINT! Also, the texture was creamy but not too heavy.

Fried Egg and Rice (from Lunch Set C)
 (2) Pork Satay Skewers (from Lunch Set C)

Banana and Coconut Sago/Sai Mai Lo (from the Premium Lunch Set)
Please give this a chance! When I saw this dessert, I was like uh...this is my seasonal dessert? I thought it was the common taro and coconut sago, but the chunk did not look like taro. I slurped up a bit of the sweet soup and was surprised how tasty it was! The sweet soup was cold in temperature, sweet yet light in flavor, smooth and dynamic in textures, and fruity and milky in fragrance.
Warm and Bright Ambiance
This welcoming and warm ambiance caught our attentions and lured us in! (We were actually on our way the the 6th floor for soup dumplings, but we did not regret our impromptu decisions to eat here.)
Grilled Sockeye Salmon

Sit-down buffets are also very commonly seen in Hong Kong restaurants, in which you can order as much as can eat for a fixed price. Hearing great reviews about Daikiya, we chose to dine at this Japanese restaurant with our Hong Kong friends for the first night. For about ~$250 HKD (including the 10% service charge), the taste and quality of the food were both very satisfying!
Beef Tongue
Not only did they have fresh sushi and sashimi, they also offered a good selection of grilled skewers, including juicy beef tongues, fresh pineapples, and fresh veggies.
Grilled Shiitake Mushrooms

Assorted Sashimi and Shrimps...We cant wait to dig in :)

Uni Hand Rolls

Look at the luscious piece of uni!

When a hand roll comes, make sure to quickly munch on it because once the seaweed softens, it doesn't taste as good!
The massive long line waiting outside

Craziness yet not really! As we arrived in front of the building, we were confused yet surprised to see the amount of people standing outside. Soon, we realized that they were waiting in line to ride the elevator, but we were running late. With some thought, we quickly climbed up the five flights of empty stairs hoping to see our friends soon, but the moment we walked through the doorway, we were surprised by another crowd of people (shown above). Luckily, we could wiggle our way in and reunite with our friends! And of course, feed our tummies with delicious all-you-can-eat Japanese food and drinks! Fun fact: Hong Kong is famous for their lines and crowds! It's actually a "good sign" to see a crowd, believe it or not!

(1) Tsui Wah
Address: Shop No. 2B, G/F, Site 1, Whampoa Garden, Hung Hom 紅磡黃埔花園1座地下2B號, map
Phone: 2109 0652, 2109 0653, Openrice: link

(2) Pho Hoi An
Address: Shop 303, 3/F, iSquare, 63 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui 尖沙咀彌敦道63號iSQUARE 國際廣場3樓303號舖, map
Phone:2327 0077, Openrice: link

(3) Daikiya Japanese Restaurant
Address: 5/F, 74-78 Nathan Road, Manson Building, Tsim Sha Tsui
尖沙咀彌敦道74-78號文遜大厦5樓, map
Phone: 2739 0086, 2739 0087, Openrice: link

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