European Thai Fusion: Pizza and Thai noodles

Italian and Thai food!
You'd be surprised, but on the second day, we were already craving non-Thai food. The main reason we chose this European Thai restaurant Spoon was because of the paellas ads outside, which definitely did the trick and lured us in! As you can see, we didn't end up ordering paellas because it would've taken some time to cook, and we thought we should eat Thai since we're here. But our friend did order a Hawaiian pizza.

Comfy Seating and Fluffy Cushions
Chicken Pad Thai

Here we meet again, chicken pad thai! Starving and not knowing what to eat, we chose a safe route and ordered another chicken pad thai, which was actually very good and delicious! The noodles were cooked just right, not too soft and sticky (gluteny) but not too hard and chewy. Also, they were very generous with the chicken! Mmh, yum!
Pad Kee Mao, commonly known as the Drunken Noodles
Another noodle dish served to us was the chicken pad kee mao, which is also known as the drunken noodles! It bares many similarities to the pad thai and pad see ew since they are all stir-fried noodles but with different ingredients. We enjoyed the pad kee mao the most because we loved the texture of broad noodles and the beautiful colors of the veggies! Adding a sprinkle of chili pepper flakes made the taste even better!

Chili Pepper Flakes and Other Spices
Hawaiian Pizza
When it comes to pizza, there are easily only two options: good pizza that hits the spot or bad pizza. Unfortunately, this was the bad pizza. The moment the server told us that the pizza would take about 10 minutes to cook, we had a feeling that the pizza was one of those frozen pizzas that you pop in the oven for 10 minutes...and indeed, this Hawaiian pizza did taste like one of those!
We're exactly 12 hours ahead of NY
Cheers to our next stop!
Overall, we had a great time! Decent food, comfortable seating, and interesting decors. We would recommend you to stick with Thai or try the paellas! Avoid the pizzas (unless you enjoy frozen pizzas)! Grab a Thai beer or a cocktail - they have a good selection of drinks. The server was very friendly and helpful, and we were able to talk to the owner who's from Barcelona, which explains the European-Thai fusion theme. At the end, the owner gave us these free neon green shots that we had no idea what it contained, but we still had a toast and cheered to move onto our next stop: Koh Phangan!

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