Traditional Yet Modern Japanese Izakaya in Montreal

Waiting in line for ~30 minutes - it was worth it!
Upon arriving to Montreal for the first time, we wanted to try their well-known French cuisine, but we were not feeling French for our first meal. We craved for something sweet and savory with complex textures like Japanese dishes, assorted fish, and the likings, so as true Yelpers, we turned our heads to Yelp for suggestions. Most restaurants around the area had about 50-100 reviews, but to our surprise, this Japanese fusion izakaya Kazu garnered over 300 reviews with 4.5/5 stars. Without a doubt, we began our trip to downtown to check out this restaurant, and it was definitely a very worthwhile meal despite of the wait!
The Menu
Grilled Octopus Skewers, $7
The deliciously marinated octopus skewers were slowly grilled with care, and a bite of the tender and sweet yet savory meat gave us complete satisfaction and desire to take another bite until no more bites could be taken.  
Okonomiyaki, $12
Traditional okonomiyakis usually don't have lettuce on top of it, but this one does! The fresh-cut lettuce offered a refreshing taste to the savory shrimp okonomiyaki (Japanese pancake) while balancing the heavy nature of the dish without overshadowing the intricate textures and exotic flavors.
Japanese Beer, $9
 Good beers never ceased to make a meal better, and this beer sure enhanced our entire dining experience!
Teriyaki Burger, $12
Beautifully thrown together with creativity and delicacy was this tasty and innovative teriyaki chicken burger. The chicken was complemented with refreshing lettuce and flavorful condiments and sandwiched between a fluffy bun with a light outer crisp giving the burger multidimensional textures and unique flavors.
Grilled Mackerel with Rice, $25
Just look at this masterpiece! Not only was the grilled mackerel arranged in such a colorful and artistic manner, but the ingredients were also freshly prepared and carefully cooked from start to finish. (How do I know this? Because the chef was right in front of us doing his magic!) The rice was my favorite part because the rice was cooked to the right softness with a sweet yet vinegary aroma and soaked up the flavors of the tasty mackerel and sauces above it. I would have opted for a different fish because mackerels tend to be more fishy, but most of the other fish, such as salmon, were sold out. (Another sign that the ingredients are fresh!) Nonetheless, the dish was scrumptious!

Hit the Spot: 8.5/10

1862 Rue Sainte-Catherine O.
Montreal, QC,
H3H1M2,Canada, map
Phone: (514) 937-2333 Website:

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