Feeling Italiano

Fresh, Colorful, and Delicious
The Bar Leading to the Dining Room
Lately, we have been craving fresh and creamy Italian food, so we decided to pay a visit at Obica after hearing good recommendations. As we stepped into Obica, the warm, modern industrial ambiance with exposed brick walls encircled us offering a sense of comfort and warmth. The lovely air instantly brightened up our moods.
Pappardelle al Ragu, $23
Pappardelle al Ragu was divine. Every piece of noodle was coated with duck tuscan style ragu, and it was very filling and satisfying. This dish was on the heavy side, so the chef topped it with orange zest, which not only enhanced the flavors but also balanced the fatty side of the dish. The combination made us feel just right after devouring the whole plate - full and satiated.

Prosciutto Crudo Pizze, $19

Two things we love the most on a pizza are prosciutto and arugula, so we chose the “Prosciutto Crudo Pizze." The pizza was served with a thin crust, but the center was still fluffy, airy, and soft, which created a dynamic texture and experience to the whole.

Burrata, $12

If you love fresh and delicious mozzarella, Obica is a great place for you. We decided on the burrata since we heard it was the customers' favorite because it was rich, smooth, and creamy. The soft, savory ball was definitely one of the best mozzarella we had in awhile.
An Assortment of Meats

Obica means "here it is"
Italian cuisine is not difficult to find in NYC, but tasting such deliciousness with absolute satisfaction is rather rare. I (Flora) loved the meal so much that I paid another visit the night after this lunch.

The environment is romantic and cozy, which is perfect for dates, especially since they have a wonderful wine list, but it is also relaxing and casual, which is suitable for lunch with friends and family. 

Hit the Spot: 8.5/10

928 Broadway St, 
New York, NY 10010, United States, map
Phone: (212)-777-2754 Website: obica.com

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