Deliciousness Comes in Small Baskets: Dim Sum

Most people usually eat dim sum with their family on weekends. However, most of our relatives and grandpapa are retired, and luckily, both of us have certain weekdays off. My sister and I took a trip to Brooklyn to take our extended family out for dim sum and spend some quality time. We rarely stepped foot outside of the city, so Good Day Restaurant was recommended by our Auntie Rebecca. 
When we pushed through the door into Good Day, we were surprised by the bustling crowd yet distracted by the steamy, fragrance in the air. At that moment, we were ready to have a satisfying brunch, and we got seated very quickly - within 10 minutes. The Chinese-styled restaurant was tightly packed with tables and dominantly filled with local Chinese residents, which may be a sign that the food is good!
These little wooden steamer baskets or plates are carried in carts and circled around the dining room. Each one has about 3-4 pieces, so be ready to order a bunch to share! Chinese people love sharing food!!! Usually, you pick out the dishes when the lady and her cart comes to you, and then she will put a stamp on the check to record it. We were so hungry, so instead of waiting for the cart, we went up to the cart to grab a few dishes.

Here we go! 
Fried Taro Dumplings

Crispy yet soft and gooey with a light taro fragrant.
Hong Kong Style Dumplings

Sweet, Savory, and Crunchy.
Beef Dumplings

Fresh, Hearty, and Bouncy.
Sui Mai Dumplings

Aromatic, Porky, and Juicy.
Chicken Feet

Flavorful, Chewy, and Collagen-filled.
Steamed Spare Ribs

Savory, Spicy, and Braised.
Chiu Chow Fun Gor (Dumplings)

Nutty (peanuts), Enjoyable, and Sticky.
Pork Wrapped in Bean Curd

Mouthwatering, Umami, and Salty.
Pan-fried Shrimp and Chive Dumplings

Crispy, Scrumptious, and Comforting.
Not only do Chinese people love sharing, we Chinese people also love eating (if you couldn't tell). After a round of dim sum as our "appetizers," we decided to order two main dishes! 
Fried Tofu and Roasted Pork Over Rice
The roasted pork mixed harmoniously with the tofu and veggies adding more flavors to them while the veggies balanced the hearty pork with its fresh and crisp character. The flavors were enjoyable and tasty, but the dish was a little overcooked. Also, the tofu wasn't too fresh.
Mixed Veggies and Mushrooms Lo Mein
The noodles were generously topped with sauteed mixed veggies and assorted mushrooms, but the taste was average - nothing special.

Hit the Spot: 7 (food: 8, service: 6)

The overall meal was enjoyable because good company makes half of it, and the crowd was filled with happiness and positive energy from the other families. Also, the food was decently tasty and affordable. However, the restaurant was busy - even on  a weekday - so the service was mediocre. We would have to raise our hands to get the server to come over and refill our teapots, but this is not uncommon among Chinese restaurants.


  1. That's unfair to rate service at a dim sum restaurant!! American bias will never see the positive aspects of people throwing dishes down on to your table while in a hurry!

    Shrimp and chive dumplings look delicious!

    1. I see where you are coming from, but as Chineses, we have been to countless dim sum restaurants in Brooklyn, Flushing, Chinatown Manhattan, Hong Kong, Chinatown Montreal, and the list goes on. We definitely had been to busier dim sum restaurants, and the service was even better. I would say giving it a 6 is relatively fair.

      If you're around, you should give it a try and be the judge. =)


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