Slurp, Slurp, Slurp!

Guess what we're having for dinner?

Ippudo Ramen in East Village!

Slurping a bowl of steamy and tasty ramen on a chilly day is the best way to warm up your soul. Despite the numerous ramen shops, we decided to step into Ippudo Ramen in East Village because we know we will not get disappointed from the food, service, or ambiance.
Tako Wasabi ($5.00)
Tako wasabi is raw baby octopus in fresh chopped wasabi sauce. The octopus was fresh with a hint of pure sweetness. The refreshing lemon juice enhanced the flavors of the octopus while the potent wasabi sauce gave the dish more depth.

Pork Hirata Buns (2 for $9.00)
Yes, this is a ramen shop, but secretly, the real reason why we’re here is for these pork buns! The two slices of marinated, succulent pork along with a piece of fresh, crispy lettuce and a dash of mayo were sandwiched between a soft and fluffy steamed pocket bun. One bite led to another bite until all the buns were demolished! SCRUMPTIOUS. Yet we felt with a moment of struggle. Our heart wanted to order another order of these tasty buns, but our mind reminded us that three HUGE bowls of ramen were on their way to our tummies.
Torishio plus a poached egg ($15+2= $17)
Even though the appearance may be simple, don’t get fooled, because the taste is definitely not lacking in compared to the other two bowls! A sniff of the fragrant chicken and pork soup led me to a big scoop of broth and a smile was automatically formed on my face. A feeling of great SATISFACTION. The broth was so pure and rich with chicken and pork flavors, and the noodles were so smooth and silky!

Akamaru Modern plus a poached egg ($17.00)
Just simply looking at the presentation of the colorful bowl of ramen, my mouth started to water! The house-made noodles were not only silky but also very flavorful. The thin noodles were able to soak up the delicious broth and absorb the assorted spices. A spoonful of the broth just awakened my taste buds.
Karaka Men ($15.00)
I began to salivate when I met Karaka Men. This ramen has strong resemblance with the Akamaru Modern, but it consists of rich spicy flavors, which was perfect because Flora loves spiciness! Of course, the noodles, broth, and meats blended very harmoniously with each other.

Bite ME!
Hit the Spot: 8.5

Overall, the food was nothing but delicious! The environment was very upbeat, welcoming, and friendly. I love it when we walk in to the dining area, all the workers will chant “welcome in” in Japanese. Even though the vibe is very Japanese-like, it has a very modern feel. Most importantly, we’ve been here several times, and we can say that the food and service are always consistent. However, we would say that the prices of the food are considerably more expensive than most ramen places. (The spacious and modern ambiance and the fact that Ippudo was originated from Japan allow it to be more expensive and still create long waiting lines.
Bowls on Bowls on Top of the Bar
FYI, before you enter the restrooms, you're greeted by a Japanese woman/man!

See you later!


  1. I love this place, I need to go back!

    1. I love this place too!! Have you been to Totto Ramen? Totto has very delicious ramen too!


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