Your Cup, My Cup

Your Cup, My Cup

A little hidden gem lying in the outskirt of Koreatown is a Korean fast food restaurant and coffee shop. Cup and Cup can be easily missed by all the scaffolding and simple appearance. In fact, when we found the place, we were reluctant and a little scared to walk in, but don’t be afraid!  Once you step into the dimly lit café, you will slowly notice the laid-back ambiance and unique decors, easing your mood.

The Menu

Cup and Cup is only open on Monday-Friday from 7:30-4 PM, so if you work a corporate 8-6 job, you will never have a chance to visit this cute little cafe (sob). Just kidding! You can totally check it out during your lunchtime or swing by before your work begins for a cup of coffee! Also, they deliver, but make sure you have CASH!
FYI, they provide these paper menus with colorful pictures of the Korean dishes and drinks, which definitely helped us choose our order yet made it difficult because we wanted to order EVERYTHING!! Be careful!
Bibimbop with Pork Belly ($8)
The bibimbap consisting of three pieces of succulent and flavorful pork on top of the colorful assortment of veggies was extremely appealing! Not only did the dish looked mouthwatering, but also this bibimbap tasted delicious and just couldn't get any better. The combination of the tender pork, spicy kimchi, and sweet beet was perfect balancing and enhancing each flavor and satisfying our palettes. On top of that, you can’t beat the price. An average bibimbap in K-town is at least $15.00, but this was only $8.00!
Kimchi fries ($3)

Who doesn’t love fries? Well, we never met a french fry that we didn’t like. These fries were so heavenly! We wanted to devour them as soon as they got delivered to our table, but we had to wait and take a few pics. Every fry was crispy, golden, and salty. Mmmh! The kimchi (spicy korean cabbage) gave it a spicy kick and a crispy texture!
Green Tea Latte ($4)
Hesitantly, we ordered the green tea latte because it's not always easy to find a good cup of green tea latte, but we decided to give it a chance. Luckily, we did! The green tea latte was strong, aromatic, and creamy. The rich flavors of green tea and smooth steamed milk texture automatically brings a smile to our faces. Btw, they usually choose the design, but you can request a certain one too! We both requested the teddy bear latte art because it’s so adorable!  
It's self-served. You pick up your own food.
Red Velvet Latte ($4)
First sip of the red velvet latte brought back memories back of my childhood times when I had my first red velvet cupcake. It was magical. Every sip made me like it more and more.  It tasted a lot lighter and less sweet than a real piece of red velvet cake but retained a hint of real red velvet sweetness with a smooth, milky flavor! Also, the latte art stayed intact until the cup went dry. Unnoticed, I slowly devoured the entire cup and gave Fiona my green tea.

Don't miss the spot! It doesn't have a sign on door, but it does have the address!
 Hit the spot: 8/10

Without a doubt, we will visit Cup and Cup again. Their sweet lattes, friendly service, and beautiful ambiance can instantly brighten up your moods.


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