Union Square Cafe

SUCCULENT: tender, juicy, and tasty
We’ve always heard wonderful reviews about Union Square Cafe, but we have yet to check it out. Finally, we decided to try out this multi-award winning restaurant for Sunday brunch. 

The moment we walked in, we were emerged into a warm and cozy environment with a rustic vibe. The combination of the wooden tables, giant window, little yellow flowers, three levels, and wine shelf gave USC a distinct personality. We were immediately greeted by a warm and welcoming hostess and quickly seated in the lower level with dim lighting and white table cloths. (Btw, be sure to make a reservation in advance - it gets packed!) 

Complimentary bread
Once the bread basket was presented in front of us, we started breaking in because the smell of the toasted seeds and fresh bread was irresistible. 

After a struggle to decide which dishes to order, we finalized on the oyster omelette, homefries, beef sirloin, blueberry pancakes, a side order of spinach, and a few drinks (a bellini, a mimosa, and a pomegranate hibiscus juice).

USC's Hangtown Fry: Fried Oyster Omelette ($23.00)
The presentation of the omelette was surprising because we were expecting the oysters to be mixed in the egg like Taiwanese-style oyster omelettes. Instead, a few pieces of deep-fried oysters were atop of the beaten eggs, which were stacked with multiple thin layers like a crepe. Though the textures were intricate, the flavors were lacking and could be improved. 

Homefries, Smoked Peper, Thyme ($7.00)
Beef Sirloin with a Fried Egg ($26.00)
Our favorite was the sirloin without a doubt. The meat was tender, juicy and delicious! It definitely hit our UMAMI (savory taste) buds! So satisfying. In addition to the perfectly cooked sunny side up egg with the runny yolk and lightly toasted bread with a delightful crunch, the entire plate was ABSOLUTELY DIVINE in respect to its flavors, textures, and presentation.

Blueberry Pancakes ($15.00)
The soft and fluffy pancakes garnished with simmered blueberries and complemented with syrup and peanut butter sauces were scrumptious and flavorful, but the dough wasn’t airy enough, which made the pancakes a little tough (but filling). We have eaten many pancakes at various places and this was honestly very disappointing. Flora had one bite and quickly moved on to the other dishes.

Mimosa ($12.00) and Belini (13.00)
I'm salivating, are you?

Overall, our brunch was delightful but not memorable. I don’t understand why USC is very popular with such a big hype and so well-known! We have friends who are from other countries and talk about how much they love USC and how everything is very delicious, but for us, the food experience was just average. There are many wonderful and unique eateries in NYC, so we probably won’t visit USC again anytime soon.

Hit the spot: 7.5/10


  1. Mmm the first picture... You caught me at hello! :)

    1. Hahaa, yes! It was delicious, Lily! =)



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