Sunday Sensations

Who doesn't like Sunday brunch?! Our favorite meal of the week is weekend brunch! We love to have a great variety of food and flavors. One bite of sweetness. Another munch of savoriness. And a sip of citrus and bubbles. We spent our Sunday afternoon at Lafayette (between Great Jones & 4th st.) in NoHo and had a delightful meal sitting outside in the warm, breezy weather.
Smoked Salmon Benedict On Brioche With Sauce Choron ($21)

Just looking at the colors of this masterpiece got me salivating and wanting to demolish it! My first bite was actually the brioche! It was nicely toasted with a generous amount of butter making the texture light and fluffy with a crisp on the outside. The combination of the timely-poached eggs, freshly-cut salmon, and lightly-simmered spinach were well-proportioned in amount as well as in taste.
Family pic! Deliciousness :)

French Toast 'Tropique', Grilled Pineapple ($18) 
Drizzle on!
Here's HEAVEN in my mouth! The thick, fluffy slice of toast was topped with a sweet, grilled pineapple, house-made whipped cream, and toasted coconut flakes, and lastly, it was drizzled with warm, maple syrup to our liking. The mixture of different textures and flavors felt like a party in my mouth. I had absolutely NO CONTROL over my knife and fork until the toast disappeared...but Fiona was swift enough to get a small stab out of it!
Bacon Maison ($8)

Who doesn't LOVE bacon? (unless you are a vegetarian or for religious purposes) These three meaty pieces of bacon were generously glazed with honey creating a perfect of balance between the sweet honey and savory meat. So satisfying and memorable! 
Cappuccino ($5)

Please don't get fooled by the appearance of the cup! Despite of the lacking appearance and aromas, the taste was strong and rich. A sip of the cappuccino warmed my soul and awakened my senses.

About to dig in!
Hyper C ($9)
Usually, we like to stick with our favorite mimomas and bellinis for brunch, but we were in a mood for something NEW. Upon our waiter's recommendation, we decided to try the Hyper C consisting of blood orange (Flora's favorite), yuzu (which we haven't had since Japan), and grapefruit (Fiona's favorite). And it sure did not disappoint us! What is something new that you tried this weekend?

Hit the Spot?: 8.5/10


  1. Replies
    1. Happy Easter to you too, Eva! <3

      -Miss Fiora

  2. Replies
    1. It was very delicious! You should check it out, Gene!

      -Miss Fiora

  3. This meal looks delicious! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Aww no prob! You should def check it out if you're in NYC :) Have a wonderful day! :)

      -Miss Fiora

  4. Everything looks so delicious, brunch is my favourite definitely would love to eat here!

    1. Heyy :) Yess, it was so delicious!! Next time you visit NYC, you should deff check out Lafayette! :D


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