Saturday Vibes

You want a sip too?
Avocado Toast ($10)
Nutella Baguette ($8)
Two cups of warm matcha lattes, a bite of nutella heaven, and a boost of energy!
  Let's be friends! ;)
Matcha Latte ($4.75)

Happy Saturday!! As we’ve told you, we are HUGE FOODIES. We are very lucky to be in NYC and be exposed to 10,000+ restaurants and eateries. We have a goal to check out NEW places every week and share with you guys. 

One of our favorite type of place to hang out on a Saturday afternoon must be relaxing, friendly, and comfortable! A place that fits into all three descriptions is 

During our visit, we were surprised to see that the small cafe only fits about 10 to 15 customers, and since it was a Saturday, the cafe was swarmed with customers eating in and taking out. Fortunately, we were able to score two seats by the bar after a 15 minute wait. The overall ambiance was very comforting and relaxing. The tables were new, clean, and almost spotless. The cafe was surrounded by two large windows allowing in an abundance of natural sunlight and warmth. The decors in the cafe were also very modern, simple, and fresh, which very fit into the West Village neighborhood.

Now, the matcha lattes and small bites! Just simply the appearance of the beautiful latte artwork and scrumptious look of the avocado toast caught our attentions to come taste them. Looking at the vibrant matcha green of the latte, we thought the matcha flavor would be concentrated and rich, but it was very milky with a light hint of matcha. (We are aware that lattes are milk-based, but to our surprise, the taste was lighter than expected. FYI, we’ve had countless cups of green tea and matcha lattes from all over, so we know there can be improvements.) The multigrain toast was atop with a generous amount of fresh avocado and a few slices of hard-boiled eggs and radishes. Very tasty snack for an energy boost! Balance is key, so we picked one healthy snack and one treat: the nutella baguette was delightful. The first bite into the baguette left me a wave of joy and happiness, and without a second thought, I had to eat another bite. Unconsciously, the baguette was devoured sound-fully.

Hit the spot?: 7.5/10

There's no doubt that we'll come back again! The atmosphere gives off a comforting and relaxing mood, which is perfect for all times! The staff were super friendly and welcoming despite of the crowd. Plus, this place is very instagram friendly! The coffee and snacks are simple and tasty - a little on the pricey side but still worth it!


  1. i am not a huge fan of anything green tea flavored, but after reading this post i fell in love and feel motivated to check this place out! sounds like you guys had a great time glad to hear that!

  2. The avocado toast looks amazing! Nice job on this blog too!


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