Greenwich Village vs. East Village

Our favorite gelato roses!
TGIF!! Yayy! The weekend is here! Ready to slip on those sandals and grab some ice cream this weekend? But where to go?? One of our favorite spots is Amorino Gelato! This is one of the few gelato shops that offer authentic Italian gelato with all natural flavors and coloring! 
(L): The five petals include Nutella (center), Mango, Raspberry, Blueberry Cheesecake and Stracciatella (counterclockwise). (R): The rose is made of Nutella, Coffee, Vanilla, Strawberry, and Passion fruit petals.

Besides the great variety of tasty and fun flavors, the presentation is on point. Even though the flowers on the trees haven't bloomed yet, our ice creams have! Who doesn't like to have an ice cream cone that looks like a lovely rose!? You can select unlimited flavors, but we only chose five for each cone. 
Piccolo Cone ($5.50)
We could tell the quality of the gelato was phenomenal by their tastes and textures because some gelato were VERY RICH in flavors while some were luscious and refreshing. The flavors were exactly what we were expecting but more! We love the combination because we enjoyed a taste of fresh fruitiness, a hint of rich creaminess, and a balance of all the flavors. Not only was this a treat for our palettes, it was a satisfaction for our soul.

The service was excellent! The server was very friendly and happy! He gave us samples and ample amount of time to pick our flavors! The shop is suitable for friends to chat and couples to date.

Hit the Spot?: 8.5/ 10

FUN FACT: Amorino Gelato was originated from France. Just two years back, this Amorino Gelato shop, located in Greenwich Village, NY, was the only one in the East Coast, but now there's another shop in Chelsea and Boston, MA! 

Got Seoul ($7.00)

Another favorite is Snowdays Shavery! Snowdays is a very delicious Taiwanese dessert spot! They have a large selection of shaved milk (Yeti Tracks, NY Cheesecake, Roasted Black Sesame, Sweet Milk, Green Tea Matcha, and Coconut) with over 15 different toppings and 6 sauces -  the options are endless. It's not easy to build your own cup with the unlimited possibilities, but luckily, you can also pick one of the preset combinations! Orders come in three sizes (Regular, Large, and Yeti aka the XL).
Regular, coconut shaved milk with strawberries and mochi ($6.00)

If you are looking for a lower calorie dessert, Snowdays is the perfect spot. The shaved milk is light, airy and full of surprising flavors. It has a great texture, very fluffy and irresistible. We ordered Got Seoul- half black sesame and half green tea shaved milk with red bean, mochi, condensed milk, and mango. The black sesame was very rich and aromatic. It reminded me of the black sesame ice cream from Chinatown ice cream factory, but it’s a lot lighter and less fattening. We also ordered the coconut shaved milk with strawberries and mochis topped with condensed milk. The combination of coconut shaved milk and the condensed milk was overly sweet and didn’t have a refreshing coconut taste/aroma, but the strawberries were naturally sweet and enjoyable, which made the coconut shaved milk better. It also comes with a color changing spoon based on temperature, which added a touch of fun and entertainment!

The service was great, and the employees were very friendly and welcoming. We will definitely go back to Snowdays. It's also a great spot for a first date. It has a very relaxing and care-free atmosphere! Two people will have so much fun picking out all the different combinations and totally forget about the “first date,” awkwardness. ;) Well, have a wonderful weekend and hope everyone can explore and try something new.

Hit the spot: 7.5/10

Which spot will you visit? Amorino or Snowdays Shavery?


  1. reading this post made me very hungry :-) the gelato looks amazing and delicious!

    1. Aww, Alessa! You should totally check this place out in the city! Very worth it!


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