Jewel Bako

Do you like sushi? Japanese food is one of our favorite cuisines. We love the soft, vinegared rice and the fresh ingredients (seafood, vegetables, fruits). It's like comfort food to us! Sushi has been very popular because it is not only healthy but also has a beautiful presentation. It’s a piece of ART as often seen by the vibrant colors and assortments created. The rolls are very photogenic and instagram friendly.
Mmmm decisions, decisions, decisions =P
Jewel Bako has a very modern and chic interior highlighted by its classy ambiance. Think of a mix between romantic and causal!  While the restaurant is on the smaller side, the seating is comfortable. There is a huge mirror in the middle of the dining room that creates a bigger space illusion. The service was excellent; our server was extremely attentive and friendly. Our glasses were always kept filled with sake!
Gasanryu Kisaragi "Pliant Moon" Daiginjyo ($18 per glass/$75 per bottle)
Selection of Sushi ($38.00)
Selection of Sushi, close up
We ordered the following:

“Selection of Sushi” include blue fin tuna, yellowtail, scottish salmon, isaki, fluke, botan ebi, eel, and live scallop, served with chef’s special roll (spicy tuna). First bite into the blue fin tuna nigiri awakened all my taste buds, and it felt magical. The texture of vinegary rice was cooked perfectly well, not too mushy or hard but just soft enough to have character. I instantly had to help myself to another piece, the yellowtail, which was so delicious that it gave me flashbacks of Tokyo. The chef’s special roll exceeded my expectations because the proportion of the rice and fish was on point! The two complemented each other very harmoniously and never overpowered another allowing the two to express their true qualities and full flavors. There was just enough rice wrapping around the buttery-textured fish giving off a sense of the aromatic, tasty rice along with exuding pure freshness! it was the perfect combination of vinegary rice and fresh seafood.  Every bite led me into a greater desire for more. The meal was very enjoyable and left a lasting memory.
Selection of Sashimi ($38.00)
“Selection of Sashimi” includes blue fin tuna, yellowtail, scottish salmon, isaki, fluke, and jumbo sweet shrimp. It felt like heaven again! The texture, softness, temperature, and cut of the fish were AWESOME, but I would prefer the sashimi to be presented over ice because as time goes on, the fish warms up to room temperature.
Unami Roll ($18.00)
Unagi roll consists of shrimp, golden tobiko, avocado and kaiware roll. The texture was especially memorable because there were several layers of different textures: softness, chewiness, and crunchiness, which really played around with my senses! 

Matcha tiramisu ($8)

Time for dessert! We were very full after all the satisfying pieces, but we cannot end the night with a touch of sweetness. We ordered the matcha tiramisu to share. We excitedly took our first bite, then we stared at each other with the most “shocking” face! To our surprise, it was bitter because every layer of matcha tiramisu was infused with alcohol. We are not shy drinker, but we prefer to drink, not eat alcohol-infused desserts because we enjoy sweet desserts, like who doesn't?

Hit the spot?: 8.5/10
Jewel Bako, thanks for a delicious night!!
FUN FACT: Jewel Bako was officially listed as a Michelin 1-star restaurant as of 2015!


  1. Hey Flora, where is this place located? Did you need reservations? This looks great!

    1. Heyy Phil, Jewel Bako is located in the East Village (239 East 5th Street, NY, NY, 10003. You need to make a reservation and its delicious. You should deff go check it out!! :) Veryy yummy! :D

      -Flora Lee

  2. I want to go! Looks awesome!

  3. I like bitter desserts 😂 does that make me weird!? That tiramisu looks yum!


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