Effortless and Edgy

Happy Hump day! How’s your week been? I’m so happy the weather is finally warming up, and I can start styling spring outfits. The weather has been going back and forth - such a tease!

Today, I put together an effortless, edgy and chic look. I am absolutely in love with these jeans. They are by ‘Paige’ and are so incredibly comfortable. My favorite part is the zipper’s detail. It just gives it a very edgy and trendy feel. Since I have ultra skinny jeans on, I decided to pair it with a loose fitted top to give off a carefree vibe. I was also meeting my friends and Fiona for Mongolian hot pot, so i didn’t want to wear something too tight and have to suck in my stomach half way through dinner (chuckles chuckles). Whenever I wear some type of black clothing, I love a pop of red. I chose my Saint Laurent bag because of the stunning rouge and its light weight. On top of those, it’s easy to carry around. This bag is on the high maintenance side, it lose it’s shape easily and whenever you try to fit too much in, it will leave an imprint on the leather. I love this bag so I am willing to work with it and take good care of her. This is one of my signature look for meeting friends for lunches or dinners. I love a loose fitted top with ultra skinny jeans and a pair of heels to spice up my casual outfit and, of course, elongate my legs.

Thank you so much for reading. I hope everyone will have a happy and wonderful day! :)

Top: Tildon from Nordstrom
Bottom: Paige from Nordstrom
Bag: Saint Laurent 'Lingne Y' Leather Stachel (Lipstick Red)
Shoes: Zara
Sunglasses: Alexander McQueen
Accessories: Bracelet - J.Crew, Watch - Michael Kors, Rings -Luv aj

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