Back in the West Village

We are not at a winery...but where are we?

Happy Monday! What did you do over the weekend? We checked out a new spot: Buvette. According to "Thrillist," Buvette was one of "The 10 Essential Brunches in NYC," so as foodies, we had to check it out. There was no doubt that the moment we walked in, we felt 
 like we were not longer in NYC but in the countryside of France.
             Mimosa ($12.00), Rose ($12.00)

The best way to start a happy morning and hearty brunch is with a light, refreshing alcoholic beverage. The sparkling rose was light, crisp, and aromatic while the mimosa had the perfect combination of sweet and tartness. Both were delicious and automatically put us in a delightful mood.

Pimm's Cup ($12.00)
We may be food enthusiasts, but there are so many food and drinks that we/ve never tried before, such as this "Pimm's Cup." For those who are new to a Pimm's Cup, it is commonly known as Pimm's No. 1 and is originated from London. Pimm's No. 1 is gin-based and usually consisted of a lemony soda, fruits, cucumbers, mint, and a shot of gin. To no surprise, it was very cool and refreshing with bursting flavors citrus fruits and mint.
Crepes Nutella ($10.00)
These crepes may look like little pockets of sweetness, but please don't get fooled. Each bite was generously filled with nutella, which is heavenly, but getting into the nutella was not an easy process. The skin of the crepe was a little too crunchy yet chewy, which made it difficult to pierce through the little pockets. It was not what we were expecting; the crepe was oily, and the portion was very small (I have to agree that this is VERY FRENCH). The dish was not too satisfying, but the presentation was at least presentable! 
Waffle Sandwich ($16.00)
We enjoyed the overall sweet and savory combination of the waffle sandwich but disappointed with the texture of the waffle because it was rather tough and not airy enough. We understand why the texture was considerably more hard and crispy than an average waffle because it's used as a sandwich, but we like our waffles on the soft and fluffy side with a light crisp. The egg was cooked perfectly; when we poked it, the yolk oozed out. Mmh, heaven!
Asparagus Milanese ($16.00)
One of today's specials was the "Asparagus Milanese" with duck egg that was nicely presented with a bright sunny side fried egg surrounded with fresh green asparagus and topped on two slices of toasted bread. The dish looked charming and appealing but tasted disappointing. The egg was overcooked and lacked flavors while the asparagus were very dry. The two pieces of bread were over toasted, which made the whole dish hard to consume.
Jambon Cru ($16.00)
Jambon Cru is the signature dish at Buvette, so we had to order it. It sure impressed us. It was delicious! The eggs were steamed on an espresso machine, so the texture was very light, fluffy and scrumptious. The prosciutto was fresh and tasty with the shaved Parmesan enhancing the flavors. It was so good  that we wanted a second order.

Hit the spot: 7/10

The ambiance was beautiful with unique and intricate decors creating a rustic atmosphere that you usually don't see in NYC. I would recommend you to check this place out at least once, but we won't go back a second time because there are just too many wonderful brunch spots in NYC. Buvette is a great spot for dates because it has a very cozy, romantic and intimate setting. Even the service was very warm and friendly, which matched up with the environment. However, be ready to wait 30-60 minutes for weekend brunch because they don't take reservations.

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