A taste of Paris

 When in doubt, go to Ladurée! It'll never fail to put a smile on your face.

Ladurée has three menus: one for brunch and dinner, one for teas, and one for desserts! Of course, we came here for the desserts (because they make it the BEST)!
4 Macarons of Your Choice: Rose, Salted Caramel, Vanilla, and Coffee, clockwise ($12.60)
 When you go to a bar, you have to grab a drink, and when you go to Ladurée, you MUST eat a macaron! We picked our favorite rose, the top-seller salted caramel, pure vanilla, and aromatic coffee! The macarons here never disappoint us. The textures are very multidimensional: crisp on the outside, soft and fluffy in the inside, and sweet and luscious in the center (from the ganache). The flavors were also very strong and rich.
Coupe Plaisirs ($11.00)

The combination of raspberry sorbet and vanilla ice cream complemented each other very well with the sweet and creamy vanilla lessening the tartness of the raspberry while enhancing the taste. Also, chunks of raspberries were spread throughout the ice cream, sorbet, and whipped cream, which added additional textures to its entirety.

Coupe Laduree ($11.00)
This chestnut-based dessert may look simple in appearance, but it was surprisingly our favorite one! Every bite was filled with deliciousness! Besides the thick yet airy layer of whipped cream, the chestnut ice cream consisting of roasted chestnut chunks left a very memorable flavor in our mouth because it felt like PURE CHESTNUT HEAVEN. One bite of light, creamy, fragrant chestnut ice cream, and another bite of meaty, roasted chestnuts.
Coupe Ispahan ($11.00)
Most people don't equate roses with eating, so not everyone enjoy the taste of rose flowers. However, we totally love and enjoy the rose's fragrance and sweetness. The flavor of this rose petal ice cream is similar to the idea of beauty. It hits your palette with its potent and distinct taste but doesn't linger around and quickly fades, which leaves a lasting, nostalgic feeling and desire for more.
Harmonie ($11.00)
The first bite into the "Haromonie" (pistachio macaron biscuit) reminded us of Paris! The pistachio mousseline cream with crusted pistachio added a great texture. Fresh berries topped on the macaron created a perfect balance of sweet and tartness.

Hit the Spot: 8.5/10 

You always lift me up and put a smile on my face!


  1. Gorgeous photos looks like quite the yummy feast! Love it!


    1. Thank you! You should definitely check it out someday =)

  2. yummyy :-) must check this place out

    1. Yes! YOU MUST! The desserts are so intricately placed, and the tastes are so special that you'll fall in love without a say!! LOL, I'll take you one day =)


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